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About Us

NOLA Publishing is a children’s book publishing company dedicated to supporting experienced and new authors who are on a quest to enhance children’s imaginations and literacy. Founded by Tia Clarke, our mission is to share stories, inspire children and make the dreams of independent authors a reality. Our team takes pride in lending our expertise to authors looking for assistance with self-publishing their next book across multiple platforms. As a one stop shop, authors will be guided through the publishing process from start to finish with a dedicated team that will work with them every step of the way. Every author retains 100% ownership of their material as we take 0% royalties. We look forward to working with you.

Meet the Author

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Tia Clarke and I am a wife, mom of two daring toddlers and the author of the children’s book series, Riley’s Routines. Reading has always been my passion, and one of my life long dreams was to write a book. When I had my daughter, I realized how much she enjoyed reading and exploring books as part of her bedtime routine. My love for reading, coupled with my newfound journey as a mother, sparked the idea of writing children’s books that help parents develop healthy routines for their children.

I enjoy seeing my children’s eyes light up when we’re reading books – their imagination growing with each story. My goal in writing the Riley’s Routines book series is to not only enhance the imagination of other kids, but also build their self-esteem by establishing predictable routines. These books are based on the experiences I’ve had with my kids and will emphasize the importance of routines in children’s lives and the struggle between parents and kids to adhere to them. While they are fun and imaginative, I believe the book series will also help other parents and their child(ren) come up with daily routines that work well for their family.

Our Core Values

Providing reliable service beyond our author’s expectations
Creating an optimized publishing experience while turning the author’s dreams into a reality
Forming partnerships that lasts beyond the publishing experience


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